After many tries to create the best blog system that fits my needs, I have finally come up with the perfect one. This blog not only stores posts as markdown and renders them to HTML, it also supports tags, dates, and sorting/searching. I have decided to make this blog use server-side dynamic rendering rather than JQuery client-side rendering. My previous attempts at creating a blog have failed due to their lack of a true blog-like format. I had originally thought that a blog, for me, would be a list or stack of short posts containing updates, topics, and useful tips. But after taking a good look at other blogs, I noticed that I was doing it all wrong. A blog is not an updates list nor is it made for quick posts (although I can certainly do whatever I want). I have made this blog to support longer posts and to make viewing the posts much simpler and easier on the user. I have taken the time to even use tags and pages for easier browsing! I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do! And don't worry, I'll be posting longer more thought out posts soon enough.